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Waterlase is the world’s most advanced minimally invasive dental laser technology. Here are list of application for what we can use laser dentistry for:

Laser Gum Contouring

  • ‘Gummy’ smile may be a bother to some when they smile. The short appearance of your teeth may be due to excessive gum that is covering it. With the use of laser dentistry, we are able to reshape the excess gum to expose more of your natural teeth to give you a natural broad smile.

Laser Gum Treatment

  • Those with pre-existing gum disease will know the post treatment discomfort that one would experience after traditional gum treatment (periodontal therapy).

    What is the difference between laser gum treatment and conventional gum therapy?
    Laser therapy does not cause swelling or excessive pain unlike the older methods. You will be able to recover more comfortably and rapidly, and not suffer from the same extent of sensitivity or receding gums.Laser gum treatment helps to eliminate bacteria and bio film and stimulates regrowth and reattachment of tissue to the teeth.


What is a frenum?

  • A frenum is a fold of tissue located in middle of the upper lip and underneath the tongue. If the frenum in your upper lip is attaches between your upper front teeth, it may result in a gap between your two upper incisors. Even braces to close up the gap may not be stable as the fold of tissue is still attached between the front teeth. If the frenum under your tongue is too tight, it may impair your tongue from moving freely resulting in a tongue
What is frenectomy?
  • Frenectomy is a procedure whereby the frenum is relieved to allow for normal function of your affected area. At our practice, frenectomy is performed with the Waterlase™ which eliminates the need for stitches and produces faster healing and much less post treatment swelling and discomfort.

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