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Invisalign is the perfect option for those who have always wanted their teeth straightened, but do not want to be seen to be wearing braces.

There are no metal wires or brackets involved, so you will not experience discomfort due to having these bulky objects in your mouth.

These clear aligners are individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into its ideal position.

It is highly predictable as through Clincheck, we are able to view a computer simulated final result even before you have started treatment.


Our doctor(s) are Invisalign Platinum Providers for three consecutive years ie. 2017, 2018 ,2019 which is an award presented to practices that are leaders and have exceeded a certain amount of experience in providing treatment with Invisalign.  For year 2020, our team has achieved the higher accolade of Invisalign Platinum Elite Status.

What are aligners?

  • Aligners are customised and computer generated in America. They can be removed during mealtimes and for you to maintain good oral hygiene. Every two weeks, your aligners will progress until your teeth move to its final desired position. Aligners are to be worn at least 20 hours a day to ensure its effectiveness in tracking teeth into place. They can be removed during eating or if you have important events to attend (although they are barely visible!)

Why Invisalign and not other brands of aligners?

  • Invisalign is the pioneer system of clear aligners and has been available in the market since 1998. It’s technology and software however, has evolved rapidly over the years and we are able to achieve results that were not possible just few years ago. Not all systems or brands are equal and Invisalign uses computer generated aligners which are much more efficiently. In addition, Invisalign incorporates little tooth coloured attachments stuck onto your teeth during the course of the treatment. This is technology not used in other systems. The advantages of attachments is that they allow for more efficient and bodily tooth movement. This allows us to treat much more severe conditions with clear aligners compared to before.

 What is the process if I were to start Invisalign?

  • Your dentist will take very precise 3D scans of your teeth from which models are made and are used to make these computer-generated aligners.  We are one of the few which have acquired high tech oral scanners to provide a higher level of precision and comfort for our clients. 
  • Once the teeth have been scanned and analysed by the Invisalign headquarters, a Clincheck (simulated image of final results) will be available by your dentist and yourself.
  • Any alterations to teeth movement or alignment may be made at this stage until both sides are satisfied.
  • Once the Clincheck has been approved, then we are ready to manufacture and deliver your aligners! The aligners are not only clear, they are comfortable with no rough edges or wires of conventional braces.

Come to our clinic, our team will assist to the details.